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If you are looking for Car muffler repair, muffler car repair, Muffler repair cost, Hole in muffler repair cost, hole in muffler sound, Muffler bandage, Car exhaust repair, Silencer, Muffler, Silencer repair, Car silencer repair then congratulation you are in right place. Car Muffler RepairBefore going to explain about car muffler repair or Car silencer repair We must know about the Muffler.
Muffler The muffler is a device that reduces the noise which is produced by the car.A car how much noise produce depends upon the muffler.Driving a car with damaged muffler or silencer irritating us and people near us, and it also produces sound pollution.Under the muffler, there are nothing Exciting Parts, But there are only tubes, which is placed under the muffler in a proper way.Tubes are made in such a way that they reduce the sound of the car.It is situated in the Car's Exhaust System.In some state removing a muffler from your car is illegal in most states.
Car Muffler RepairCASE-1:-If a hole…

The Complete Guide to Micrometer for 2020

If you are looking for Micrometer, Principle of Micrometer,Diagram of micrometer, Components of micrometer, types of micrometer, Pitch of the micrometer, What is Least count, Calculation of Least count of micrometer, Determination of error in the micrometer, How to fix the error of micrometer, then congratulations you are in right place.
Micrometer A micrometer is a precise tool that is used for accurate measurement of any object or workpiece.Sometimes it is also known as Micrometer screw gauge.It is used for measuring Length, Diameter, thickness, etc.
Principle of Micrometerit works on the principle of  Nut and Bolt.Since under the main scale of a micrometer, there is an internal thread like a nut(parts of a micrometer).Similarly, under the thimble scale of a micrometer, there is a shaft having external thread and it acts as a bolt.And when we rotate the thimble scale clockwise then spindle move leftward and when it rotates anticlockwise then spindle moves rightward.Hence we can say th…


If you are looking for Clutch, clutch working principle, Clutch assembly diagram, Types of clutch, Function of the clutch, Clutch car List, Purpose of Clutch, requirement of clutch, Friction plate, Pressure plate then you are in right place.Clutch A clutch is a device that is used in thetransmission system, to engage and disengage the power of the engine from drive shaft to driven shaft.It is situated between the Engine and Transmission.
Clutch working Principle It works on the principle of friction.When two objects are attached to each other than both objects will make single due to friction.Now if one is rotated then another will also rotate.One surface is known as a driving member and another one is known as a driven member.
Clutch Assembly Diagram
Types of clutchFriction Clutch Single plate clutch
In a single plate clutch, one friction and one pressure plate are used.
Multi-plate clutch
In a multi-plate clutch, more than one friction plate is used as well as more than one pressure plate is…